Sunday, December 28, 2008


cats. who dont love em? hmm..probably many. many of my friends are afraid of cat and i jst cant understand why. i dont figure out yet about how to make em love this cute things. i had lots of cats. but they left in jeddah, but of course not alone. bcs my neighbors already liked them bcs many of them love cats, so they will probably love n feed them:) but i miss em so much:(

last time i asked about em, they said that they are fatter now. so happy n glad hearing that:) i miss the times i spent with em. my first cat is SPOTTY. he's sooo really great at climbing trees. hehehe. what i remember the most about him was, when he listen to my piano plays untill he gets asleep. how cute. and about him that would stand still when me n my sisters do him a makeover. hehehee. spot is the smart one and the understand one. he listens and looks at me when i chat with him.

secondly is LOLLYPOP. they aint brothers or father-son, but they look alike. why lollypop? bcs he loves to lick. his nick names are O-lil n lolly. he's the obedient one. but he's also smart. anyways both are cute, smart, and lovable. n one more thing, they are clean! me n my sisters always take them a bath frequently.

last is PRUNUL. mostly he's sleeping! haha. yeahh. oiaah. my cats are black and white. anyway, they have different tails. spot has a black tail with a white dot at the end of his tail. olil has a long totally black tail. prunul has a puff hairy black tail.
oiaah. prunul has a twin sister. her name is prinil. i dont remember where did my fams got this idea to give this name:p
*left is prunul and right is prinil.
ohh..i almost forgot. they have lots of friends that also often play to our garden. and of course we named them too :D hehehe. there were Jono n Jini(cousins of olil), Lolo n Lala(olils bro n sist but fortunately wont survive like olil does), Lotti (cousins of purnul n prinil. she looks like prinil. prunul probably the different one), Lotti's dad (he always fight with spot), Lotti's aunt, Teddy, etc.
Talking about Lotti's dad, i remember times when he fought with spot, the big boss. hehehe. they both were meow-ing face-to-face (i called it face to face bcs their face really touched each other n they meouww-ing). louder and louder. i was thinking, maybe bcs we're in jeddah. so they are fighting like that. hehehe. well, look at saudi's ppl when they are fighting. they use no hand. they're just screaming at each other. using bad words. but they dont hit or kick. not using muscle at all. hehe. bcs when they do use muscle, then the first one that start it is the guilty one. hho. and u have to remember when u r a comer, never fight with saudis until get into the police at their territory. bcs u r always guilty. u never have the chance to win, even if u do its only very few percentage. thats the rule n thats what happen there. better take the peace^^v
Back to the cats, after coming back to Indonesia, i have no cats. huhu. new home. feel so empty bcs i have no toys, no pets to play or to talk with. sad. but Alhamdulillah it wasn't long. suddenly there's a cute little lost cat come to our home. what makes him so special was that, he totally look like olil! me n my fams couldnt believe it but it really is true:) we named him SEMPRUL. hehehehe. silly name. but we love em!


zahraa said...

aaaa.. i misss them soo much.. especially spodd.. he's our first cat... :)
no no, but i miss olil too.. bcs he's gud @ licking.. haha
no no no.. i totally miss prunul, bcs i used 2 sleep with himm.. :(

but here is smprul, i lovee himm.. i startin 2 get used 2 it.. :)

Karisha said...

me too loving n missing all of em :(