Sunday, December 28, 2008

punctuation = us

Based on the Personality Reality Book, which is written by Patrick David Yanello, it's written there that,"Human is similar with the punctuations."


Exclamation Mark(!)
This mark is used to end a sentence with the pressure or hurried. This type of pesonality mostly do things quickly. They are certain and urge. People with this punctuation is very capable in doing things, finishing, or deciding. They make people decide what to do or make a decision.

Question Mark(?)
This punctuation is used at the end of a sentence when people wanted to ask a question. This type of pesonality mostly deliberate and asking everything. They understand, monitoring, and considered. They are the best people in thinking and considering.

Strip Mark (-)
This mark is used in between the words or frase to connect or continue an idea between the questions. The pFont sizeersonality of this punctuation mostly wanted to keep peace betwee people. They are the best people to take care a relationship with full of affection, joy, and full of peaceness. They build the bridge of relations not burning it. They make people help and caring everyone.

Full Stop(.)
Full Stop used to end most of the sentence. This type of personality mostly care for every detail. They counting on everything. They gather and save every facts. They are the best in saving all the notes or making things or someone as perfect as they could be. They make people become detailed and perfect.

Star Mark(*)
a star punctuation is a special character that shaped like a star, that can be used to explain or attrack special attention to a reference or ideas in writing. This type of personality mostly shows their emotions and use their feelings. They could be dramatical. They are dreamer. Their ideas are interesting, full of description, full of emotions and feelings. They are the best to encourage others to use their emotions, feelings, and what they heart tells to do.

so, after reading this, WHAT PUNCTUATION ARE U?? Well, at least, which one do u think describe u the best??

confused?? oh my self don't really sure about what punctuation i am. hehe.
But i finally decided that im a star mark. Because i follow what my heart tells to do:)


fikrilovemusic said...

gag mudeng. hehe

chachachaa said...

gubraaak :P

buka kamus dungg. haha

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Karisha Nindya said...

well, thank u anonymous :)

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