Saturday, January 24, 2009

sunny saturday

sevensoul's song "Bersamamu" accompanying me in a bright sunny day today. thoughts are coming and going without any destination. thousands of questions are there in my mind. so much questioning though i dun wanna do it. reading books about question thinking made me questioned more. hahaa. but that's really a good book. anyway, i just wanna mention that i do not regret anything at all. my past or my present. i'm happy having what i have n not having what i don't have.
me is me. i was there being someone im not, i was a robotic human, a heartless girl, nonsense, i was there being someone else just to fit in, i was fooling my self just to make others happy, n i was in many stages in my life till i finally found me my self, what i really want to be and do.
i do not regret giving feels to those i have given, i do present here because of my past. yup. No today if there's no history, that's what my history teacher told me when i was in SHS. Honestly, i dun really like history class, but because of some reasons, i became to like it.
anyway, this is me. whether u like it or not, its me:)

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