Tuesday, March 16, 2010

i need something that could make me smile .

hey hey ..

whats with the face ?

umm.. ah.. oh.. well.. 
okay, i admit that im in a great sadness my self. By thinking about that, im getting more dizzy and confused and loosing my appetite. and yes, its craving my health. really. whatever should i do ? should i give up ? but i dont want to (!) One thing i like the most about Uzumaki Naruto is that because he never give up and one similarity we have is that we believe that miracles happen somehow.
ok.ok. Lets not talk about the sad things, sure it will remind me of what making me sad, and ill end in cries. im tired. i wanna be strong! well, so i was checking my CDs that fortunately was filled with a lot of picts. YES, old picts. and i feel better somehow. because i remember all the things that captured in those picts. All the stories feels like coming back and i found my smile :)
well, its one thing that you can do when you need to smile. those moments sure remind me about what was happen in my life. the goods, the bads, the silly, the unforgettable for sure :) see, i can smile again! You know, smile is one thing that i always do whenever i have something. Because at least, my smile can make others happy. it feels good when making people happy. and because, I dont want anyone to worry about me, i dont want anyone knows im weak, i dont want anyone understand about me, anyone.. but him.
Oh yaa, by looking at those pictures, i realize that there are many.. yes, MANY happens in my life. and many people are coming and going. i love it. and i love what i have and what i dont have rite now. i just hope that this is whats the best from Allah. n i hope this will make me smile in the future :)
What i want to remember rite now in my future are :
- very lovable family and boyfriend. i love you
- friends that accept me for who i am. 
- the way people look at us (when we walk in the crowd) bcs of my bf's uniform :')
- my grandma was saying that my bf is looking manly handsome in his uniform <3 love it love it love it
- being a head class almost in all my classes and sure its making me a lil more "busy" than others. also in making decisions and in spending pulsa :p
- my HP Pavilion dv2000, my E63, and my 4 GB Transcend that always accompany me :)
- tissue, perfume, pen, notes, mirror, and instant hand sanitizer that always inside my purse
- cards with dollar background that sometimes i carry, is used as a spare time spender. sumi nano taught me how to play poker :D
- warsin (warteg sinta) is the place to eat when we (my and my friends) have financial problem or in saving mode hehe
- kantek (kantin teknik) is where we (my and my friends) mostly eat. must order = es teh manis :D

what else? well, there are many more but just cant say it one by one. im happy with my life :)


sumiinanonanoo said...

ini udah lama jg yh neng,, bru baca..

tp mi mlah udah bca yg atasnya..

hahahaa ada mi nanonya...
serasa jht amat ngajarin poke.. hahaha

Karisha Nindya said...

kok jahat sih mi sayang..
nggak laaah. thats all somethin that i wanna remember :)
somethin precious for me :*