Saturday, June 26, 2010

thats what i call salsa ..

elderly asked,"where did u learn your salsa? it was so beautiful." Then i smiled, "it was my late grandpa." 
yes, again i dance salsa. whenever i dance, its always remind me of him. How he taught me whenever i stayed on vacation. How we used to dance together at family gathering. But now that he's no longer present in this earth, i probably have no partner to salsa. Everytime i hear the music that fit, people started dancing, my body start moving, and i remember him. Time flies so fast. It feels like it was yesterday when he raise me and put me in his arms. I always remember the times my grandpa and i used to dance together. and everytime i salsa, i always feel like he's dancing with me or at least watching me smilingly because now i already able to dance beautifully like he always wanted. I miss you grandpa :)

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Naufal Juniardi said...

I'm sorry to hear that,,,
Now, I am sure your grandfather in heaven would be proud to you and always smilingly to you.. :)

By the way, my mother was also good at dancing salsa... :D