Sunday, July 18, 2010


I'm unbalanced, like always. But today, its more likely over unbalanced. Less sleeping, exceeded consuming of milk and vitamins. Well, it helps on keeping me awake and prevent my body from feeling weak, but i also did not eat enough, so there are weird feeling and more over, there are too much to be done, taking care of, and pushing. However, please don't do this at home! its a command! hehee. Its good to consume vitamins and milk, but you also have to eat enough. Well, thats remind me of a friend of mine who's just finishing his course on nutrient. He said we must eat "4 sehat 5 sempurna". ahh, thats something i often forgot. Somehow im a workaholic or thinkingholic hahaa.
He often asked me whether he's weird. But actually he's not. I found him interesting. He knows many things i don't. Its funny finding out that we always talk randomly unrelated yet fun, and i learn many.
Okay, anyhow.. he also mentioned, however, we have to be balanced to be healthy. And i think he's right.

So people, don't forget to live healthy. Well, it is something that i want to start doing by now. What about you also try it? 
# eat enough at a proper time. (4 sehat 5 sempurna. i'll try.)
# consume vitamins and milk. (but don't consume too much! over doesn't always better.)
# do exercise or move enough. (hmm.. i do walk. hehee
# sleep enough (yes, i don't really good at staying up late. But under-pressure, hmm..)
# communicate enough (yes yes. i do love to communicate.)
# think positive (i'm always trying my best to do this.)

Lets live healthy :) cheers.

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