Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Say it to me

What do you want to hear? 
Why do i ask that? Well, some people (mostly girls :D ) are having some specific words they wanted to hear from their specific someone. For girls, they are hoping that someday, their man or their man-to-be is saying words they wanted to hear. You know, some words that will make us (girls) happy to hear that. Umm .. not only happy, but also making us (again, girls) feel like "i do" or "yes, i will marry you" or "i will spend the rest of my life with you" uppss a lil too much :D
But anyway, those words shouldn't be just WORDS. It must be words with ACTIONS which means that they really mean it. Take it as a whole.

For me, i have MANY favourite words i'd like to hear. Mostly are words said and done by my bf♥
but i'd like to keep it my self as i want to enjoy it my self :D

in my opinion,
When you already commit to a relationship
and you really love and care about that someone, 
your statement should NEVER be 
"you will be happier without me
"i will make you happy and you will be happier WITH me" :)

You know what, we are human that only able to try. Because however, Allah will decide the rest. But fighting for what you love is never gonna be a waste. Pssst ... Girls love when you fight for her honor.

So, What about you? What do you want to hear? From whom do you want to hear it? 
Have a nice day everyone.


sumiinanonanoo said...

:* kisskisskiss
pinter bgd bikin kata2 si kamuu..
mi suka bgd

Karisha Nindya said...

hihihii .. makasii yahh mii tayanggg :*