Monday, May 2, 2011

prayer that nite

Ya Allah,
I am Your humble servant who’s always asking for Your Love,
Your granted, so that I can be wiser, stronger, and become a better human.
Yet, I often forgot about how things going.
Yet I often forgot to be grateful …
For every failure that come to teach me patient
For every fall so that I can jump higher
For every tear that makes me sincerely smile
For every trial that show me survive
For every emptiness to thank what’s present
For every fight that leaves the best to stay
For every false so I know what’s true
For many tasks I’m doing so I realize I’m strong
For every enemy that gift me best friend
For every other lil things that I often complaining about.
It actually a bless. Your bless.

*dedicated to my beloved Ayah & Ibu. They both are the best man and woman in my life, ever. Thanks for being my everything 

Saturday, April 30th 2011

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