Thursday, September 20, 2012

So, Im turning 21

So, this is something I dont wanna forget ..

Right 00:01, mommy woke me up. She was with daddy and my youngest sista. holding a birthday cake with candles on it. They were singing "Happy Birthday". I really dont know when did they buy the cake, because I was always with mom these last 2 days and I know how busy daddy was. Well, they managed to buy it somehow. Im amazed. Though Zahra didnt actually present there, because she was still in her temporary living place, near her campuss. I know she'll be home soon to celebrate it together. Thankyou Ayah, Ibu, Zahra, and Ifa. But the surprised didnt stop there in the early day of 19.

Suddenly I heard guitar's playing outside the house. Singing "Happy Birthday". "Who's that? My bf? Impossible", I thought. I know how limited his time is, how much his activities will tired him. But ... he was there. With the cake, flower, and gift. He was there. Yes, he was there. Really there. Its over midnight. He has gone through many and will go through another hectic schedule and there he was, present there to celebrate my birthday. How sweet. I couldnt stop smiling. I did expect him to do something for my bday. But I didnt expect this far. Thank you Sayang :)

So, wednesday was my consultation day for the final project. So I left Jakarta on 6 to go to Bandung. It was ordinary. I thought it would be usual. But then after the break, Zhany came with the cake. With Finno, Aan, and Awenk. They sang "Happy Birthday". So, Imel and Zhany planned it. Thats why Imel didnt want me to leave the class. Thank youuu guysssss. So much!

From all the words and prayers said, these one comes at 12 something and it comes from my beloved best friend :

Ketika kepercayaan diriku memudar, kau datang dengan sejuta senyumanmu,
Senyummu, kebijaksanaanmu, kepercayaan dirimu,
Membuatku iri dalam sekejap,
Engkau merangkulku dalam masa gelapku,
Ceriamu menghapus dukaku,
Tak mengerti aku merasa Tuhan memberikanku teguran..
Kau terlihat sempurna dimataku,
Kau yang selalu ku irikan,
Namun kau mengasihiku dengan kelembutanmu.
Semakun hari tak lagi ku iri padamu,
Semua ini membuatku semakin bangga padamu,
Semakin kau mengasihiku, tumbuh rasa kasihku padamu,
Kau membuka mata hatiku, tak perlu ku bersembunyi,
Jadilah ceria seperti dirimu

Semakin hari ku semakin mengenalmu,
Hingga kau memelukku disaat masa hitammu,
Semakin ku tersadar,
Engkau juga manusia yang punya masa hitam,
Dan hingga akupun berjanji pada diriku,
Ku akan menjagamu dari masa hitammu yang lain,
Seperti engkau datang saat hitamku walau kau tak tahu itulah masa hitamku.

Kau yang selalu ku banggakan, kau pelangi dalam hitamku,
Tetaplah tersenyum, ku selalu menyukai senyum pelangimu,
Ingat masih ada aku saat kau menemui hitammu. 

ngantuk hahaa, lebay dikit ngasah tulisan, maaf agak berantakan. Selamat ulang tahun sayang, semoga semuanya berkah ditahun2 berikutnya, semakin menjadi kebanggaan semua orang, semakin solehah, semua yang terbaik bagi Allah deh, sukses dunia akhirat .. Mi nano dan zhilan sayang tante caca :*

I did shed a tear reading this. Thank you Mi. You had given me many lessons too. Love you :*

I really didn't expect anything, because I understand everybody's routines. Hectic as mine. But I was wrong. Yesterday was really a gift. I've spent my times with many of my loved ones. Words and prayers that are irreplaceable. HUGE love from them. My beloved ones. Thank you Allah.. for giving me these special people around me. Thank you Allah, for loving me :)


sumiinanonanoo said...

wahahha baru baca, :*

Karisha said...

hehehehehehe <3
setiap caca baca tulisan yang mi kirim, caca langsung deg deg nyus. hangaaaaat hati cacaaa :D