Tuesday, November 27, 2012

how can i not love?

How can a guy can never say tired? when he's actually really exhausted ..
How could he never say sleepy? when his eyes are darken cause lack of sleep.
How can he has all the energy to reach me after his really long and tiring schedule? and still leaving really late ..
Where did he get all the power to come to Bandung and then going back again just to pick me up? 
Why did he come so fast when the doctor judge the disease? he even missed his class just to make sure i'm okay.
How could he say he is okay? even after he's going through heavy rain. 
How can i not happy? he doesn't get mad when i know so little about what he likes and he's sharing it with me instead.
How can i'm not proud? when he could finely mingle with my big family
How can i not lucky? when he's always standby for me

How can i not love? :)

thankyou sayang for being a great lover and best friend♡

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