Monday, May 20, 2013


As we're learning about love ..
we realize, not only you show us love but you also shower us with love.
Being the best example of love.
Fighting for what you love.

As we learn to love ..
we know, you're mad mostly because you care.
You make us work hard so we would not suffer in the end.
You're pushing us, so we wont disapointed to ourselves.
You're giving us whats best,
still, we often ignore it.

As we learn to face the world ..
We're going through our ups and downs.
Letting you up and letting you down.
Always support us though we have nothing to be proud of.
As we're helpless ..
you and mom never left us alone.
Being to be the first to take us back.
Forgive us for what we've done wrong.
And because of that, we learn how to forgive our selves.

As we're looking for a man ..
we realize, you are the perfect man any woman would love.
the best man in our life.. ever.

As we're growing old,
we realize you are growing old too.
Your tired face that you hide.
Your always-be-strong-attitude for your family.
making you the gentlest man we've known.
and I'm so proud being your daughter.
terima kasih ayah ..
Selamat ulang tahun :)

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