Wednesday, December 10, 2014

happy 9

I'm kinda have a habit of saying and celebrating monthsary every month. Not that i dont think it wont go years so i celebrate it monthly. Not that i had too much money and i dont know how to spend it :p
No. It is not about that.
Its about maintaining the feeling. The feeling of how did we fell for each other. Its about a day that we make it our day. Its about making time for us in between our busy time. Its about regaining the feeling that might be loss. Its about a simple habit that might be useful some other time in the future. Its about us.
I should admit we're kinda busy with each other life recently. Well, living a double life (student and employee) is never easy. Even sometimes we sacrificed our weekends for our double life.
But this 9, it was different. So yes, he has a class at night. We were planning on meeting up before that. But it was kinda too short and since Jakarta's traffic is somewhat unpredictable, I dont think it is possible to spend a quality time. Luckily my work was fine so Im sure i could go on time that day. So we changed the plan.
We met in front of Sudirman train station and waited up for the train. There are lots of people. I was once using train from Tebet to Depok. So i could already imagine how it will be. Expecially because it is 'going-home-for-working-people' time.
He said we better find a train and go backwards first so at least we dont have to stand near the door. So we went to Duri's station... and it was lucky me i got a seat. He was relieved i could see that :p And the train goes to our destination.. we talked a lot on the way and it gets more crowded everytime it stops. Even we were separated and i couldnt see him anymore.
Our destination is 2 stops away. i was standing up trying to find him and get nearer to the door. It was hard! hahahaa. but he got me. he was really protecting me. my head from bapak-bapak's hand. my body from pushes around. it was a really sweet thing to do. good for me he has a strong hand and body. I could imagine how i would be without him.
Then we continue to have a dinner and talks. A simple, short, yet fun. and i love it. i really do.
Thanks baby. Happy 9 :)

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