Sunday, December 13, 2015

Lets be Thankful of ourselves

Its been a while since my last post.

And today i finally get the chance to upload my pending post.
*yeaaay :D

Inspirations could come from anywhere. Even from someone i just met. Her name is Tari. She's blind. But i didnt recognize that at first. However, she's also a 2nd year student at Universitas Atm*jay*. Our somewhat-short conversation made me realize lots of things. Thats why i wanted to share this with everyone.

This morning, as i was going for work as usual. I saw her from a distance, she looks unusual. She even sit in priority seat. But i didnt conclude anything.

The story didnt end there. As i went home, i met her again. And she sit next to me. What a coincidence rite! Or not? Well may be it was meant to be. So there i started the conversation. I was thinking throughly about how to ask and start the conversation. So i decided to start with "are you.. mm.. sick?" And she replied with smile,"im blind kak". (Kak is used to address elder person with slightly different age. Meaning : big sister/brother). Wow im amazed. My question was answered really fast.
Then i start asking her questions. "Wow.. i saw you this morning alone. And right now too. Are you really always like this?" "Yes" she said, again with smile. We then talked about how she was using her mobile phones, she said there is an apps that helps her using mobile phone because it makes sound. We found out that we live nearby, then we laugh. Wah, how come i just see you now and never saw u before.

However, we have to stop our conversation since we have arrived to our destination.
Someone picked her up not long after we're arrived. I then see her leaving as i was still waiting for my dad to pick me up.

As i wait, many things that was going on inside my mind is suddenly disappear. And then i start thinking about what i have that she doesnt. And how things are going around her. How hard it is to be her. I just cant imagine. But she smiled everytime she talked. Everytime i saw her, there is always someone that help her around. That must be meant for her. Allah loves her very much. And then i realize how Allah loves me very much too, but in different way.

We often forget what we have and always wanting for more.
We ofter forget someone would want to be in our place.
We often forget to be thankful of what we have and what we have not.
We often dont realize how blessed we are having what we have.

Through her, i got reminded to love my life more and be thankful of what i have. Im sure i was meant to meet her, because i believe there is no coincidence in life. As i was having tough days or months, may be. Meeting her really cheer me up.

She is lovely, i should say. I dont know how everyday are to her. But one thing for sure, i love the smile you give everytime you are talking to someone. I like the way you survived your life this far.

Nice to meet you, Tari.
Keep living your life!
From someone you just met.
Caca :)
(Nov 24th, 2015)

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