Friday, January 9, 2009

paths of life

today, im gonna share something about my thoughts. Based on the real story of my life that happen just week ago. My grandma's lil bro shared stories n he said that he regreted he was taking engineering as his major, and he said that if he could go back in time, he'd choose economycs. In Indonesia, most successful ppl r from economycs major.
i wasnt saying anythin that time. because he's older n wiser, i guess. but here's my minds..
in my thoughts, there will always be 2 options in life. to be failed or success in life. there r also paths that will lead us into a totally different situation. its like when u lost in forest. After lost for some times, n then u finally find 2 paths. a path that taken mostly by d ppl that of course will lead u to a success like everybody else and d other path was a greasy one that's only taken by several ppl and probably have more little possibility to become successful n find way out. But once u got to be success, u get an extraordinary one. its different. its special. so which one would u choose?
anyway, that paths will always come to our life. n we'll always have to decide. choose. well, its always come back to us anyway. so best of luck on takin a decision in life. bcs there will always be responsibilities that u have to take on every decision u make.
with lots of hopes.karisha:)

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