Tuesday, June 30, 2009

5 cancer-causing foods

i got these forwarded from old friend of mine. i actually in d middle of my preparation for my exam. but fortunately i got bored n tired; n so i decided to post this up as im sure this will be useful not only for me but also for u.

TOP 5 CANCER-causing foods :

1. Hot Dogs - they r high in nitrates.

2. Processed meats n Bacons - Also high in sodium nitrates. too much consumption would grow heart disease and/or cancer.

3. Doughnuts - also known as cancer-causing double trouble. they made up of white flour, sugar, n hydrogenated oils n then fried at high temperature. d worst food u can possibly eat to raise ur risk of cancer.

4. French Fries - made up of hydrogenated oils n then fried in high temperature. contain cancer-causing acryl amides which occur in d frying process. 

5. Chips, Crackers, and Cookies - all are usually made up of white flour n sugar. those  r said to b free of trans-fats; generally contain but little.

writer's opinion : OMG! it sure is hard. all of em r ma favo foods! X( (well i love foods. i love eating. also bcs i need to) Anyway, maybe its ok to eat em sometimes. but not too much. However exceeding consumption's not a good habit for anythin anyway. 


Anonymous said...

sebenanya bukan masalah pada jenis makanannya tpi pada kandungan dalam makanannya yg ngebuat makananannya jdi g sehat..
sayang dong kalau kita g bisa mkn makanan kyk donat atau kentang goreng gtu aja..kn bisa dicari makanan yg kandungannya sehat..

Karisha said...

hehehee,, iya juga si ka.
tp makananmakanan yang 5 tu yg plg bnyk mengandung kandungan2 yg dpt memacu kanker.
sebenernya yg ga boleh tu (kalo menurutku yaa) terlalu addictive. jadi yang paspas aja gitu hehee

hafidzi said...

hot dogs or hot and dog? hehee
enakan sandwich jubnah

Karisha said...

hot dogs laa,,
kalo dog haram. kalo hot, hmm..

waaa sandwich jubnah? iyaa enak tu.
gilian di arab, nyarinya makanan indo. giliran di indo, nyari makanan arab :p hihii..