Friday, October 23, 2009

transition time.

18 years is a long time. i still dont believe that im 18 already lol. n these times are d longest, i feel. well yeah, transition time when im no longer lil girl n not a grown up yet. well, im learning to be matured somehow. but i have to be honest, its not easy ! how hard? hmm, cant tell it. in my process, i had lose ppl i love, i had lose many, i have fallen into d darkest places, but then i met new ppl, that opened my eyes, giving me love, spirits, show me how best friends r supposed to be, n lots more. i also do believe when one die, there'll grow thousand :p (oh well thats Indonesian sayings). anyhow, mature is a process, when u get a problem, face it, n no worries coz there is no pure white nor pure black in this world. bcs we all are grey, whether light grey or dark grey. bcs we're living in a blur world. really, blur.
tips abt life ? hmm, just be ur self. no matter how stupid or funny look u are. when it comes to ur truly friends or those ppl who love u for who u are, they will be there for u no matter what. n something like that is irreplaceable, worthy, n last for a long time :)
n one more, dont forget to care abt ppl that close to u or around u first.

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