Monday, January 18, 2010

happiness in parasitism ;)

friendship isn't about oneself, but its about ours. 
what we do together, how we understand each other.

a big thanks to my dearest 16023 :)
our friendship isn't about saying nice things, telling whatever we wanted to hear, but what we have here is togetherness where we could feel there is a second home for us. Every second that we have together is mostly unplanned but fun. Our times together are silly unexplainable n crazy. im having a great time wit u guys :)
Im always praying for u both happiness. Hoping that u r meant to be for each other (amin) n dont forget to pray for me so that Dhis n me are meant to be too (amin) ;)


sumiinanonanoo said...

wahahhahahahaha sampe dtulis blog bgni dahh. terharu akuu..
maksi yah.. tar dulu gak bisa komen berebut maen poker..

Karisha said...

hahahaa,, dasar keluarga poker plus kalong :p