Thursday, April 7, 2011


Is JUSTICE similar to JUST ICE ? ;)

Well well .. 
Justice means something that must be fairly decide. Then, how do you know it is fair ? The description of the word "fair" is different for each people. Why? Because fair is relative. Just like beautiful, honest, etc. Which is also known as quality, if you're studying Measuring in Science. There's no number to measure it.
Just Ice means only ice. Yes, ice. Ice is water that has been frozen into a solid state. And its cold.

So, Whats the relation? 

In my opinion, JUSTICE is almost similar to JUST ICE. Well, this is because i love to eat ice (yes, chew and swallow the whole ice-block. seriously :D ) Just like justice, the cold of the ice is relative. For some people, they will feel really hard to chew or even just to put it into their mouth. "Its too cold", they said. But for me,"Its JUST ICE" :D

the conclusion for today is;
"JUSTICE and JUST ICE both are relative"

have a nice day ;)


Naufal Juniardi said...

Walaupun ga tau apa yang di omongin (maklum remed), tapi mendengar kata "ice", nikmat rasanya di tengah cuaca yang beberapa hari ini panas banget (terutama jakarta)...

"Very fair today if you buy me just ice cream."

Its the point of justice from me,, :D

Karisha Nindya said...

betuuuul . its so hot these days .

hahahaa. that wouldn't be so fair :D

sumiinanonanoo said...

hihii jadi mau ice cream juga yg di gundar.. kpn kita ktmu siiii??

Karisha Nindya said...

ayooo caca juga mauu . hemm . kapan dongg . caca minggu depan mgkn baru ke kampusnya mii :D