Thursday, April 7, 2011

move on for the broken-hearters

This post i dedicated for all of the people whom heart has been broken by any reasons.
I know how it feels to be broken. But life must go on. Because life is rotating. So, here are some tips from me :)

Start you're moving on with "will" or "niat" . The "will" should come from YOU, because the only one who can change your life is yourself. The others can only help and support.
Be strong in front of others. Especially to those who make your heart broken.
I know you can't always be strong. Nobody can. So, be alone and CRY. Being melodramatic sometimes is fine. But not too often. It makes you weak. Listen to sad songs, so you can cry it all out. But i suggest, cry and pray. So you will get your peace in heart by getting closer to God.
Share. ONLY share it to the person you really trust. Too many heads make too many opinions. Too many opinions make you think even harder. But its YOUR LIFE, you DECIDE.
Make your life busy busy busy. Join organizations or activities or anything that keep you busy and not remembering about your broken. New place, new people, new activities are suggested.
Good communications with friends. Try to get to know others well. Make new bestfriends.
Learn new things and find new hobbies. It could increases your skill and ability.
Love yourself. 

Make your broken as a start to make further (forward) step of your life. I hope this post's gonna help those who need it. Be positive. Thank God for whatever happens. There must be lessons; take it. Life is rotating. So we have to never worry :)
Remind and correct me if I'm wrong. Post comments if you want to add or revise whatever i wrote :D


Naufal Juniardi said...

Apakah noval broken-heater juga yah?
Tapi sayangnya udah baca semua artikel ini ampe abis..hehe

Karisha Nindya said...

hehehee :D
ada yang mau ditambahin atau direvisi gaa?

Naufal Juniardi said...

Believe that there is still a good plan is waiting for us. Maybe we'll find someone who is "right" but not right now.

I'm sorry if my english is really bad.. :D

Karisha Nindya said...

totally truuuueeee :)

i agree. right person in the right place in the right time :)